Friday, April 29, 2011

Australia..3rd Time's the Charm

Leaving the States for the month of May to travel a bit more in Australia..Love visiting there..hopefully lots to post during the trip..back in Philly the 7th of June..cheers



On my cousin..She requested a pin-up style woman with a web motif outfit, sqashing a spider with her hand..It's a fairly large tattoo on her thigh..Although I think this photo is a little washed-out and wonky, it was a fun tattoo..I'll post a healed picture when I get one..

Newish painting..newer tattoo

Did the painting earlier in the month..Did the tattoo the other day, on my boy Richie..been friends with Rich for a long time and he's gotta several pretty fun tattoos over the years.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Rollo Banks

one of my courtesy of Electric Tattoo of Bradley Beach ,NJElectric Tattoo

Filip Leu on Theo Jak

pretty sweet

Old Tattoos on Paul

Paul got some Oldies and Goodies...Here's some Eddy Deutsche work from 1990-91..

Old Dan Higgs Tattoos on Paul

Paul Bearer, Thee Original Paul Bearer from The Serial Killers of Philadelphia...Has tons of "interesting" tattoos from some legendary tattoo big-shots of the's some of his Dan Higgs..

Two paintings from this week..

reworking some classic Sailor Jerry and Mike Malone designs


Sometimes..just sometimes I get to do great, classic and fun tattoos...