Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Acetate Project 2011

My latest project involving cutting antique-style tattoo stencils in subject matter that interests me most, and that have kinda shaped my personal tastes in tattooing, art , and culture in general. Been super fun trying to do new things in a medium that many tattooers my age have never even thought they would have to use, ever. I will also be attempting to do some tattoos with the acetate, just ones that are MUCH simipler than these...will post more in the near future...enjoy

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Nrshima Dev

I bought this painting in Bali about 2 years ago....on black velvet, amazing detail, one of my favorite images..


I prefer to think "Fuck The Whackness"....ya know, all the Whack Junk in The World, not the actual World itself..

I get to do a WIDE variety of tattoos in New Orleans

Not all the best pics, but everyday is different here at Electric Ladyland...

Some recent paintings

The dragon/pipe lady is in progress...I'll post a flick when I'm done...